Off the field with...Madison Akins

Class: 2020 Position: Shortstop Q: What is your most unique or memorable personal softball experience going back from the time you were first able to throw a ball to present day? A: Going to my first world series at the beach and making the final out in our last game Q: If you could time-travel back to any particular date in history for one day, where and in what era would that be? A: Hollywood in the 1940s Q: Which artist/band is currently on your playlist? A: Morgan Wallen Q: Who’s your favorite Hollywood actor? A: Adam Sandler Q: Favorite actress? A: Blake Lively Q: What’s your favorite film genre? A: Horror Q: All-time favorite movie? A: The Notebook Q: What is your favorite/ signature perfume or fragrance? A: Tease by Victoria’s Secret Q: What’s the last television series you bingedwatched? A: Hart of Dixie Q: If you could hang out with any celebrity for a day, who would that be? A: Rachel Bilson 


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