AAA on sports scholarships: “Life lessons more important”

LITTLE ROCK- Below is an op-ed piece that addresses a common misunderstanding that potentially affects dozens, if not hundreds, of families in your community.
Parents are spending thousands of dollars a year for their children to play club sports. Club fees, equipment purchases, summer camps, private coaching and the cost of travel to out-of-state tournaments has turned youth sports into a $15 billionper- year industry. For many families, this investment is based on the false hope that their children will eventually be awarded a sports scholarship.
The facts, however, suggest otherwise. Only 1 child in 54 actually gets a sports scholarship and very few of those cover the full cost of tuition, let alone room and board. An overwhelming majority of teenagers would be better served by playing high school sports and learning the life lessons they teach. It’s interesting to note that nearly four times more money is awarded every year for academic achievement than for sports scholarships.

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