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Local schools have flexibility

LITTLE ROCK - During the upcoming school year, local districts will have flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances created by the outbreak of the coronavirus, thanks to a set of waivers adopted by the state Board of Education during a special meeting.

The waivers affect policies that govern the amount of time a teacher has to spend with students in classroom instruction. They affect teachers' planning time and teachers' assignments to non-instructional duties. They affect how much time children will be at recess and the length of the school day. They affect maximum class sizes.

The waivers affect conventional schools and charter schools, allowing them to mix virtual instruction with traditional classroom instruction.

When school districts applied for the waivers they committed to continued tracking of student achievement. As educators prepare for the challenges of the upcoming school year, a common concern is that some students may fall through the cracks because their families lack access to digital technology, such as Internet access and up-to-date computers.







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