Respect for Democracy ...

Regarding the president of the United States like a king could set a dangerous precedent.

Never before have people become so enamored with a particular president as they have with this one. Granted the president does have power (the most powerful person in the free world people like to say) and serves as the head of state and the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, executes executive power, grants reprieves and pardons, appoints Cabinet officials and Supreme Court Justices.

But in the past Americans were not all that interested in the day-to-day life of their president. He has his advisors, Cabinet and people around him who discuss policy and a Press Secretary, who handles the media side.

However, the current president is constantly using the medium of Twitter and television to speak his mind. Now millions hang on to his every tweet and speech as if every word is by royal fiat (or from above).







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