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Last Wednesday as we watched in horror as protesters turned into a mob and entered the U.S. Capitol in support of President Donald Trump’s speech at the “Stop the Steal” rally. After he and his family urged them on, the protesters marched to the Capitol to stop Congress from certifying the electoral votes confirming that Joe Biden won the electoral vote and will be sworn in on Jan. 20 as the new president.

As the riot unfolded the question was: Why were the protesters being allowed to enter seemingly undeterred? Where was the security? Where was the National Guard? It wasn’t that the Capitol police were not forewarned. Some of the protesters had promised violence so the police had to be aware that something was planned. It’s just beyond comprehension that this happened. It almost appears there were some people inside aiding and abetting the takeover.

After the riot ended, most of the people were allowed to leave the building of their own accord and very few were arrested, however, with videos and selfies, many people are facing charges. The riot resulted in the deaths of a protester and a police officer, plus three others from medical emergencies.


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