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After Walmart and other big box stores announced that customers would be required to wear a mask while shopping in their stores, Governor Asa Hutchinson on Monday made it mandatory that people wear masks if they enter any business or public indoor space where other people are gathered and social distancing is not possible. The order also extends to outdoor activities where social distancing is not possible or practical.

The mandate, which is punishable by a warning or a fine was issued to try to curb the rising infection rates of the COVID-19 virus and get it under control. Arkansas, along with many other states, has seen its numbers of positive cases, hospitalizations and deaths increase in recent weeks. Studies have shown that face coverings and keeping distance from others is an effective means of slowing the spread by preventing droplets from being expelled from people’s mouths and noses, public health experts say.

Some are objecting that this is a violation of the U.S. Constitution but are uncertain where it says such.


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