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Many Americans were outraged when the photos and stories of the United States using tear gas on Central American refuges who are trying to enter the country at the border in Tijuana. The photo of a mother and her 5-year old twin daughters running from a smoking canister has touched the hearts of people everywhere. One of the children was barefoot and the other in flip-flops. The use of tear gas on women and children has been condemned as excessive force. NBC News interviewed the woman who has five children and she said her three-year old passed out from the gas. Her husband in the U.S. already and she said she was trying to join him.

There has to be a better way to deal with people who are seeking asylum from a war torn country such as Columbia. For the United States to use such force seems to go against all that the country stands for.

If we are a Christian nation as we profess to be, then when did we lose our humanity and compassion?


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