The Maynard Gang

In addition to ancestral stories about our pioneer forbears antecedents in other states and their settlement here, there are numerous told and retold anecdotes that have a place in our family’s annals. Doubtless, there are many such verbal remembrances in many families.

Storytelling is no longer the regular communication device that it was in my generation and generations preceding mine. Information is transmitted differently and a rapidly changing culture and lifestyle has obscured the frames of reference necessary for understanding and empathy.

My mother’s half-brother Rufe Elkins was a consummate story teller at family gatherings and often held forth at length on the Attica Store porch amongst his fellows. Other rural philosophers were often present. His brother Lehman, Af Montgomery, Joe Alphin, James Rose and brothers Ervie and William Thomas added much to the slowly drawled laconic discourse.


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