The Maynard Gang

Feeling that I gave an inadequate depiction of Palestine, the subject will be further pursued. As many Palestine, Vernon, Ingram and Brakebill families have interacted and intermarried for one hundred fifty to two hundred years the anecdotes and sayings are legion. Editing and selection, as one can imagine, is a major concern.

First, let us clarify what I mean by Palestine and Brakebill being sister communities. Both were heavily and staunchly Church of Christ in their religion. Palestine cemetery was the burial ground for both communities.

A story told me by Jim Shively is so choice that I cannot resist telling it. In previous generations Randolph countians tended to vote overwhelmingly for candidates belonging to their church.

Running for county office, Jim reported to Maynard elder statesman Uncle Elias Mock that he was very encouraged by his reception in the two communities divided by Mud Creek. “They were very friendly and courteous as invited me to share their meals.” Uncle Elias cautioned against undue optimism. “Sure, you were well received. Those people are good stock and mind their manners, but they won’t vote for ye. They are too heavy Campbellited.”



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