The Maynard Gang

Brainstorming at length to come up with a subject for this week’s column, I decided that I would do well to achieve a flurry let alone a storm. Failing to pull anything profound or erudite out of my trivia dominated memory, I have fallen back on personal vignettes - brief characterizations that provide an enduring picture. Maynard area luminaries present and past will be featured.

Bemiss Poore, nattily groomed and dressed as befits a career military man, telling us stories of Maynard drawn over eight decades leads the list. His rendition of how he interpreted the Maynard dialect and culture to Doris, his central Texas wife, has a prominent and permanent place in the community’s annals.

Jim Bob Jackson, possessed of an excellent vocabulary, in-depth knowledge of many subjects, and a sharp wit, often brings closure to a bout of rambling discourse at the morning table. After many radical suggestions of things to be done in other places he provided a needed word of caution. “One would lose the ambience of Maynard.”



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