The Maynard Gang

Calling back childhood memories has made me realize that a second column is required to adequately address the subject. In some instances I will draw upon my parents’ memories as well as those of other older family members and friends.

One of my earliest memories was travelling by horse and wagon from our Brakebill home across Mud Creek to Vernon when my grandmother Condict’s sister Magdalena “Aunt Mag” Barnett died in 1948. Mary Ellen Hawk Elkins Condict and Magdalena Hawk Brnett were the daughters of Franklin Hawk and Margaret Lucretia “Aunt Queen” Waddle Hawk. Franklin was either half Cherokee or full blood Cherokee depending upon which version of the family story is correct. Long time Warm Springs news reporter William McClure “Uncle Tank” Hawk was their half-brother.

A horseman met us in the lane by the Wellington LaFayette “Uncle Fate” and “Aunt Gainey” Johnston Mock place near the present day Mud Creek Wildlife Management Project. He informed us that Palestine patriarch George Randolph “Uncle Ran” Shaver had died.

The death of Henry Haley in 1949 was a topic of much speculation. Common folk in the hills rarely went to a hospital in that time. Henry had such a gaunt and haggard look that many believed that the wrong body had been brought home from the hospital. Our people knew little of a world larger than Randolph County and harbored deep suspicion of anything “from off.” Henry and Ida McMillon Haley were the parents of Mont and Floyd Haley, Cordie Rapert, and sisters Cindy, Zelma and Mary.


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