The Maynard Gang

With no compelling subject coming to mind, this week’s column will fall back on memories. Those from early childhood are incomprehensible to younger readers. Truly, they depict a Randolph County world that is gone forever.

My sister Linda Davis and I were born during World War II in the Brakebill community between Middlebrook and Warm Springs. Beloved Dr. Matthias Baltz officiated at my birth. He spent the night and enjoyed the cured ham, red gravy, and biscuits my father served for super. A “grannywoman” (midwife), Mae Nickens, assisted Linda’s advent into the Brakebill community.

One of the earliest memories is travelling in the back of Eldon Songer’s bob truck to a Matthews, Missouri cotton plantation to live in a “shotgun house” and pick cotton. It seemed like a grand adventure rather than an indication of the poverty in which we lived.

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