The Maynard Gang

This week’s musings will open with an old fogy’s question. Do Star Herald readers fear, as I do, that the art of conversation and the human connectivity of personal interaction is being lost in our fast paced technologized world? 2019’s first column will use snippets of remembered conversations to depict a Randolph County when we did not text, tweet or post.

Vivid expression and hyperbole were often used to emphasize a point. Examples abounded. A large number have been winnowed to select some representative classics.

Daly Brown had been through a major illness and prolonged hospitalization. He gave an assessment of his lowest point, declaring that he was so thin and weak that “you could have read the Lord’s Prayer through me.”

My mother, Vival Condict Seawel, was given to blunt and colorful expression. “You can tell the sad eyed world one thing,” “You all come on. The little nasty bite is ready,” and “What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander,” were frequent utterances.


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