The Maynard Gang

Preacher orations will be this week’s subject matter. Realizing that the subject is delicate and that there is danger of giving offense, a disclaimer is perhaps needed. Readers should be assured that no offense is intended the humor is too choice to be left out of the nostalgic remembrances of Randolph County.

Blackwellden native Arthur Blackwell recalled a gospel meeting story at Blackwellden from the depths of the Great Depression while speaking at Cecil Wilson’s funeral. He and Cecil had worked together on a series of evening efforts. When the church leaders assessed their resources they came up with a dime to compensate the speakers. Arthur made change and said, “Cecil, here is your nickel.” Blackwellden was named for the Blackwell family and is located between Warm Springs and Dalton.

In previous generations funeral orations were of great significance and much better attended than now. Cecil Wilson was one of the most renowned funeral speakers of his time. A remembered vignette of his life is that he rode a blind mare from his Brakebill home to Maynard in pursuit of education.


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