The Maynard Gang

Maynard Mayor, the honorable Gary Hart, is an astute observer of the local scene. Rarely still, he crossed Fourche at the Brockett bridge on Highway 115 recently on one of his frequent investigative forays. He observed both Kentucky and largemouth bass jumpin with glee at the incapacity of one of their most constant predators. Duly reporting their arrogant behavior, I asked him if the pugnacious Fourche residents had right smarmy expressions on their scaly faces. In a remarkable display of eyesight as well as acumen, he replied that they did.

It occurs to me that both white and black crappie and largemouth bass are exhibiting similar behavior in their brushy fastnesses on Peachtree, Sumac, Legate, Levi Richardson, Hatley, Horseshoe and Miller old river lakes. Further compounding the negative consequences of my being down, Gaylon Cavenaugh will experience significant income losses in decreased minnow sales.


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