The Maynard Gang

In addition to enlightened political discourse and “good old boy” humor, the denizens of the Maynard Café sometimes provide critically important advice. Such was the case recently when Faron Phillips entered the dining establishment and contemplated ordering his usual gargantuan breakfast. Demonstrating both mental acuity and commendable concern for his fellow man, Jim Bob Jackson took action that may have saved the Middlebrook gourmet’s life. Noting that Faron’s overall galluses were twisted, he reminded him of the danger of being lightning struck. I had not heard that one in a long time. Since both Gary Hagood and I wear our overalls most days, we have been warned of imminent danger if we do not keep our galluses in order.

Backtracking from last week’s column, I have thought of more Mock stories that ought, for the sake of posterity, to be told. The story of the 1861 slave rebellion has been often written, but there are spin-offs that are worthy of remembrance.


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