The Maynard Gang

This column is being written in confluence with preparations for the Maynard Pitch Parlor potluck on Monday night. Much contemplation is required.

Some of our diners have delicate sensibilities. Mayor Hart eschews wild game of any kind and insists that fish be fileted. Gary Hagood has to be repeatedly assured that there is no possum or coon in the dressing.

Jimmy Milam recently burnished his “good old boy” credentials after dipping a squirrel head out of Ray Dust’s stew. Justice Milam simply laid aside the rodent’s head and continued eating his stew. I felt that the Middlebrook lawgiver showed considerable aplomb.

For tomorrow evenings repast, I am preparing pheasant and dressing. Jim Caldwell will complete the entrees with chicken and dumplins. Charles Jarrett usually brings a pot of beans or peas.


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