The Maynard Gang

Before we resume our commentary on the families of the Fourche River Valley, a subject has come to light that begs to be addressed. Paul Dismang repeated the story recently at the Maynard Café. I had not thought of it in years, but feel that the Star Herald readership should no longer be deprived of the exposé.

Paul, whose son Jonathan, is president of the Arkansas Senate, is of a family who were Republicans long before being Republican was cool in Randolph County. Charles “Uncle Charley” Dismang, Paul’s grandfather, was as staunch a Republican as my kinsman Earl Johnson was a Democrat. As a teenager, Paul recalls his grandfather enlisting him to work the Republican booth at the Randolph County Fair. People would look at the booth and give it a wide berth to avoid awkward conversations. How times have changed.

We have digressed enough. Paul, Gary Hagood, Jim Bob Jackson and Dewey Johnson, Jr., were part of a very shocking episode. One hopes that the statute of limitations since the deed was done in the 1960s, will protect their vulnerability if not their culpability.


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