The Maynard Gang

This week’s column will attempt to recreate conversations as they might have occurred sixty to seventy years ago in Randolph County. Emphasis will be given to attitudes, choice of subject matter and the phraseology and pronunciations that were typical.

When the Democratic Primary was “the election,” store porch and other “good old boy” gatherings often focused on county judge and sheriff’s races. Much confusion has prevailed in recent years since the Republican party has had primary races. Election officials have to try to explain every election year that a voter cannot vote in one party’s primary and in the other party’s runoff!

Such confusion was not a concern in the 1950s. The Republican party barely had a visible presence. Only two townships had a significant Republican vote. Little Black, encompassing the Supply and Pitman communities and West Roanoke, made up of Birdell and the Spring River area ever voted even close to a Republican majority. Generally, families with strong Republican tradition were descended from Union Civil War veterans or Union sympathizers. In Little Black, many of the families came from the Mid-West after the Civil War.


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