The Maynard Gang

I have changed my mind. There are too many sayings, both local and regional, that have not been elucidated. Star Herald readers should not be deprived of such critically important lore. Also, I have been tending to some long neglected fishing and cooking for the pitch Parlor and have not had time for the serious reflection required to engage a fresh subject.

Perhaps a digression addressing card room cookery would be in order. Our cuisine is down home basic. Favorite entrées are pheasant and dressing, fried fish and fried game. The dressing meal is usually accompanied by candied sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and fried apples. Fish, in these latitudes, cannot properly be served without fried potatoes, hushpuppies and sweet onions. Observing propriety in all things, we serve the traditional meal. When we have fried rabbit, squirrel or deer meat, biscuits and gravy and fried potatoes are de rigueur. On more exotic gourmet evenings, we may have baked coon, possum or beaver. Many regulars live in fear that I will serve possum disguised as something else. Such finicky diners give evidence that they were not raised on the cooking of Vival Condict Seawel, Dovie Seawel Long or Maud Long Ramsey.


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