The Maynard Gang

A lifetime of hunting and fishing bestows a treasure of memories upon the mind. Having reached the age and physical condition that I think and reflect more on my favorite sports than I actually participate, I often review the choicest vignettes.

Many of the memories are of unusual occurrences on Fourche River “setting out hooks” expeditions. Having participated regularly in such ventures for sixty years with my father, son Chester, Rayford Long, Ray Haley, and other occasional partners, choosing tales to tell is a challenge.

One of the most inexplicable was the skeletal remains on a limb line at the lower end of the Jack Rock Hole on the Doyle Reddick place. Ray Haley and I had floated, caught perch, and set hooks from the Middlebrook bridge to the Wilson Hole on the Lester Hill place. A spring flood kept us from “running our hooks” for two weeks. One green limb set had the skeleton of a crain and the skeleton of a channel catfish on it. As we reconstructed the scenario, the crain took the perch bait and decomposed on the line and the catfish bit the carcass of the bird.


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