The Maynard Gang

Before resuming our Civil War soldier narrative, a report is due on the recent game and gravy supper at the Maynard Pitch Parlor. Fried rabbit with milk and flour gravy, Crock-Pot squirrel with mushroom soup, and quick fried and Crock-Pot tenderized deer meat with vegetables were primary components. Baked possum and sweet potatoes was the “piece de resistance”.

Reactions to the fare were notably varied. Nearly all loved the rabbit and gravy as their favorite. Most enjoyed the squirrel and venison. The rendered marsupial brought forth striking “good ole boy” commentary. Jimmy Milam, pronounced it “better than I expected, actually pretty good.” Ronnie Cox ate a leg assessing it as “good, tastes like coon,” which he meant as a high compliment. Chester Seawel and Ralph Glisson merely said, “It’s good,” and ate the rest of the varmint.

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