The Maynard Gang

Keith Richardson and Lonnie Williams each gave me a topographical map a few years ago and urged me to label the fords, shoals, holes, home places, etc. of Fourche River. The idea was that I had made more Fourche River floats than any living man and well knew the history as well as the topography. Was there an implication that I had spent a higher percentage of my life fishing and hunting than most Fourche county natives? Since both Keith and Lonnie are both “bad to fish and hunt,” I shall give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were not suggesting that I am not “work brickle.”

Bryn Ulmer has recently taken up their cause. Knowing that I am very knowledgeable of river features and place names from the Missouri state line to Jarrett, he marked key places on the river from Jarrett (Hwy. 328) to Brockett (Hwy. 251).

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