Love those Gulf breezes ...

Landlocked Arkansans are regular visitors to the Gulf Coast beaches that are within a day’s drive. Even Texans, if you can judge by the number of vehicles on the roadways, seem to prefer the white sands of the Florida panhandle to the Texas hard sand beaches.

Pensacola Beach has an abundance of beach houses for families, friends or groups to rent, plus there are condos and hotels - all within walking distance to the beaches. Several public areas along the gulf and in the bay area are available to set up your umbrella or tent and spend an afternoon or a day. There is also a fishing pier that stretches across the Pensacola Bay area for those who love the sport.

We were able to join our family for a couple of days last week in Pensacola Beach. It’s always a pleasure to feel those gulf breezes. The sound of the waves and the vastness of the ocean can wash away your troubles if just for a little while.

Tropical storm Barry stirred the waters some, our son said, and they found an abundance of seashells, but the weather was perfect the rest of the week.

The full moon was a plus as it lit up the eastern sky. On Friday evening we watched some spectacular lightning from the house’ deck. The storm moved on so there was no rain until the following day.



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