The lighter side...

Maybe you have developed or picked up a hobby during the past three months since the COVID-19 health crisis has more or less put a halt to entertainment, social events and family gatherings.

My sister, Mavis, who will soon be 85, is an artist - in all sorts of venues. She used to draw when she was younger and then started doing oil paintings.

Then she stopped. For many years.

But lately, maybe because of the ongoing COVID-19, she picked up her hobby again. She has painted outdoor scenes, pictures of rural America, for her three siblings - scenes she thinks speaks to us. For me she did a river scene in oils which she said reminded her of Arkansas. For our brother, she used colored pencils and drew an old house like the one he and she were born in. For our sister, Linda, she painted some beautiful yellow flowers which were growing near Linda’s house and would live on in oils.



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