Life is a Journey ...

So I do not have a cold or the flu, but I don’t feel all springy and sparkly as I normally do. Just standing there with my vast over-the-counter pharmacy all lined up deciding just what combo was I going to take. You see, Cubert has always called me “Granny Clampet.” He has long disliked my most loved and most often chosen remedy - good old Vicks Salve. Back in the day Cubert called Vicks the best birth control there was. Me? I use it quite a lot with a laugh at Cubert. There is a long list of maladies Vicks is good for. I guess that’s one thing I got from my Grandpa Brock.

Many times growing up I was to hear the story of how he used it frequently and he had not one, but two jars of the stuff on his bedside table. It was his private stock for no one else was to use his. He was particular to use one for the rub-on and saving the other jar for sore throats and colds. He would eat a dab of it and poke some up his nose. Never mind what the label said about not using internally. It had worked for him and hadn’t killed him either.


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