Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey

No telling how many feet had graced the stairs and hallways of that old twostory brick school, in Eakly, Oklahoma. It had been built there back in 1929 when buildings were built well and to stand the tests of time.

It was just recently that Cubert and I were wondering why the old school been torn down, for it wasn’t really that old for such a structure.

We are living in an old two-story brick house built in 1913 and loving it. I have enjoyed living here for seven years, Cubert stayed in the country for three years before he brought himself to town, for eventually, he got tired of living alone!

Sometime in the winter of 1958, they begin to tear down the old school building. The new building was built back in the exact same spot as the old. That crew had wasted no time getting started. The old bricks had been saved to be used in the new building. Of course, the bricks had to be cleaned first, to be used. Cubert had inquired about working and was paid by the brick. He can’t remember exactly how much per brick, but remembers the guys that came to work, sitting out there in the shade of the trees. The race was on to get the school built and it had actually progressed speedy quick!

Now, this reminds me of the story they told us in Eureka Springs when we toured Quigsly’s Castle. The lady had gathered stones and pretty rocks for so many years, always with a vision of what she wanted. Her husband faithfully promising her that soon he would build that house for her. One day she decided it was high time to take matters into her own hands. As soon as he drove out of sight she gathered her children and quickly told them what her plan was. They begin to move their furniture and things into the chicken house. Then she and the kids proceeded to literally tear their house down. Can you even imagine the poor man’s shock when he drove in from a hard day’s work and his castle was no more! Her Castle however lived and grew in her mind and so it was built to her specs. With no choice he soon got right on the job at hand. You should really visit this Castle if you chance to ever visit Eureka Springs, it’s only five miles south of there, to the right up a hill, it is amazing! You will never ever forget it either, we have gone several times over the years, it lives back there in our minds.

Back to the school. When classes resumed in the fall, they were held in the various parts of the other buildings. The Home economics room, the FFA building, also in the gym which had plenty of room to hold many different classes. It had all taken a lot of time and quite a bit of shuffling around and getting used to everything that year, but the program worked. Think the kids were all up for it, and it had all was taken in stride. It was a bit of a lark and had really been a fun, memo rable event in their lives that made for many memories. Anyways it had in Cubert’s world.

Surely there are others with some memories and funny stories to tell of this particular time also. The fall of 1958 was the beginning of Cubert’s Senior year, they were now moved into the new school. But the new school was not quite finished, for there were still classrooms that needed to be painted. Life was all just fun and games for Cubert, like most boys of that age. Cubert always running around wearing his big crooked grin, seemingly looking for what he could get his redhaired self into next.

Now the new school was built of concrete blocks, on the outside, the bottom half was faced with the bricks from the old school. There were deep porches along each side of the building which made it nice for shade and to keep dry when it was raining. The inside walls were all concrete block and painted light colors to keep it bright and airy. Someone came up with the idea to see if some of the kids themselves would want to paint the remaining walls? It was a splendid idea, all of the junior and senior class took part in the painting! It was a bit like Tom Sawyer, only in reverse! Tom Sawyer was punished for skipping school and had to paint, these guys and yes, yes there were girls too, wanted to paint so they could skip their classes. To be sure there was lots of excitement and fun to be had those days. I can just see it all, Cubert looking for any kind orneriness he could get himself into. They had a big party going on, they were all laughingly painting along when it had happened - the big can of paint had somehow got knocked over and it spilled and some of it got on the toe of one of Cubert’s cowboy boots. He had hurriedly gone to try and scrub it off, but it was not leaving, for they were, after all, roughout leather boots and it had soaked in too well. Oh, did I even mention it was a can of um, pink paint they were using? He didn’t pause long till he had just painted the whole boot pink, then, of course, the other boot had been painted pink too, for they had to match! Back in that day, we did use to have

Back in that day, we did use to have our new heels dyed to match our dresses. The big problem here was he had nothing else to match that pink! Well, now I guess some of the girls thought it was cool for they painted their shoes with the pink too. Cubert’s sister Arlene was among the group of painters also, It would be interesting to find out what some of the others from those days did so long ago now.

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