Life is a Journey ...

Not many people know this but several years ago I actually wrote a little book, “Possum in Every Pot.” It was just a fun project that didn’t amount to a hill of beans and not many of the books were sold, though, there were several more sold at a little store in Possum Grape, Arkansas than anywhere else, with some reorders, even.

The store is long since closed and Possum Grape, too, has pretty much dried up thought the store building still stands.

Let’s say this book was one of life’s learning experiences or more like a nightmare. Just trying to get it ready to be printed was trying. We took it to Mountain View to a writer/ printer of a Mountain Magazine to take a look at the stories. Then we took it to two different places to be edited for mistakes, then to a printer. Well now, that was something else. We explained just how it was to be done - a small book like those seen in tourist shops about jokes, country stories or recipes. It was to be printed the size of a half sheet of typing paper, done with a shiny heavier card stock cover in white with the print and picture of that smiling ole possum peeking out of a huge pot on a patriotic color palette of red, white and blue.


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