Life is a Journey

When we start out on a trip I always get one of those spiral notebooks to keep a journal of our journey. Now at the beginning of each trip, we are indeed faithful to keep a good record of all the goings on. The book is also always passed around to others in the group to make comments - to note things they, too, wish to remember. Sometimes they are funny, many times short, then there are the nuggets. The grandkids hardly protest anymore knowing it is a part of the joy for me to read later.

So in the beginning it was hectic for I had planned to leave Pocahontas at 8 a.m. but then we took Brie to renew her driver’s license at 9:10. Oops. The machine was down so that didn’t happen. But a birth certificate and some contacts had been forgotten and left at Supply, so a dispatch was sent to retrieve them and so we were waiting for those things. I loved that because it lets me know young people forget, too. See, the grandkids are all on the same wavelength this morning as each of them came out of their room dressed in blue tops with black bottoms - all matchy and great for the day’s first photo opt.


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