Life is a Journey

I have been “chasing rabbits” all weekend and searching for that certain picture, having gone through tons of old photos at The Gallery and found the picture with the birthday cake. So I am positive the one I really wanted to find is also there somewhere.

Now that particular picture speaks volumes of another place in time. I ask you when is the last time you saw girls climb a tree?

Ages ago, right? Now this tree was just totally full of little girls, very sweet indeed, my two younger sisters plus many neighbor girls. Now when I say neighbor, I mean the whole town because they were from all over the small town of Eakly, Oklahoma. Though my baby sister’s birthday is December 4, here I sit writing this in July. It’s just part of the whole chasing rabbit things I do. For this weekend I have also been thinking and dreaming and turning over all of those memories of that special Christmas in July - the one we spent there on a farm in Africa - Cubert the granddaughters and I - though it was in July, the weather was as cool there as it is here in December.



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