Just Jana

Mike was telling a story about his younger years and duck hunting. He said he would pluck all the feathers off a duck and then was left with the very fine feathers that needed to come off but were too thin to pluck. His remedy was to roll up a newspaper really tight, light the end and just singe off the feathers that were left. He and a buddy were hunting and he shared this technique with him. They finished their hunt and went their separate ways. Later that night Mike received a call from his buddy’s wife who said,

“Now, he’s got this duck rolled up in a newspaper and is about to set it on fire. Are you sure this is right?” Communication is the key in any relationship. Mike built a ramp at our house for mom’s wheelchair. ME: Now that we have the ramp, you can come out a lot more! MOM: I don’t know if I want to. *I’m still waiting for the punchline that never came


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