Just Jana

I received a dress I had ordered, in the mail. I went to try it on. I reached around and zipped as far as I could but couldn’t get it all the way. Against my better judgement, I asked Mike to assist me. He looked and said it’s not going to work. I said, “Just try it. I can pull it together, I just can’t zip from this angle.” He got behind me, pulled the bottom with one hand and started to zip with the other. He stopped mid way and said, “Nope, not going to zip.” I asked how close it was to fitting. He said, “It’s about a half a bag of Cheetos too small.” On a totally unrelated note, if you see the Spousal Unit limping, think nothing of it.

I tried to do a cart wheel the other day. It’s not something that just comes back to you, like riding a bike. Tried riding a bike, too. That was humorous. I was trying to think of something I do better now than I did “back in the day.” After much thought, I’ve discovered I can now take a handful of pills at once with just a tiny sip of water. Well, there’s that.


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