Just Jana

Among all the wonderful, thoughtful and sweet gifts I received this Christmas, I acquired one really questionable gift choice. A gift I’m still trying to process. I received a state of the art home wax kit. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love all my gifts and they‘re certainly not the most important part of the season, but the reasoning behind this one has me puzzled. Is this a sort of coming of age standard gift for middle aged woman? Is it because I have one eyebrow and a mustache that put Poncho Villa’s to shame? Or is it because someone decided I needed a medieval torture kit just to pass the time at home? Whatever the reason, I’m not one to waste, so I decided to try that bad boy out. Sweet mother of all that is furry, what was I thinking?

We were having a party that night so I thought I’d spruce myself up a little before the company arrived. My first thought was to try my eyebrows. Not as tender as the lip, I thought. Excellent plan one would think but lo and behold, I can’t do my eyebrows because I have to wear my glasses to see, and I can’t get to my eyebrows because of the glasses. I guess my maiden waxy voyage will be in the upper lip region. Oh the humanity….


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