Just Jana

Just Jana

There was an older man in the office. He was talking about what he had for breakfast. Seems every morning he has 3 eggs, bacon or sausage and biscuits. This is served with a glass of V8, a glass of cranberry juice, stewed prunes, several multivitamins, fish oil pills and garlic pills. He said the meat and eggs were his protein, the V8 for all its veggies, cranberry for urinary tract, prunes... well you know, fish oil pills to clear the fat in his arteries and the multivitamins for everything else. I said, “Wait, what are the garlic pills for?” He calmly said, “Vampires.” I like a well rounded man.

I have a wooden snowman on the porch with a black top hat. Pretty much every day I come home to his hat laying beside him. We were on the porch cleaning up from the storm last night and I was surprised to see the snowman’s hat still in place. Seems Mike was tired of picking up the hat too and screwed it to the snowman’s head. Upon further investigating, I found he had screwed the snowman, the Christmas tree and my fabric Santa all to the porch. Bless his heart...

We were sitting on the couch watching TV and the cat walked by. I called him and he just kept going. Mike rubbed his fingers together and called for him. Turner started towards us then stopped. I said, “Do it again.” He said, “No, give it a minute.” Next thing I know, here comes the cat jumping up between us. Mike looked at me and said. “It’s just like calling turkeys and women. Once you know they are coming to you, you quit calling them.” It’s a good thing he’s cute.

When Mike and I were dating he was planning to build a shop house combination. When things got a little more serious between us, he changed his plan to a regular house. We were driving around and passed one of those shop type houses and he said, “Yeah, I was supposed to be living in one of those with a big picture window. That way I could sit in my recliner and stare out the window at my sports car and bass boat.” I said, “You were. So what happened to ruin that plan?” He grinned and said, “ I got something better!” I was about to tear up when he said, “A bulldozer! You can’t park those inside.” So close...

MIKE: Your cat threw up on the bathroom rug.

ME: Did you clean it up?

MIKE: I just turned the rug over.

ME: ...

If I get calls to show property and we are not familiar with the person, we do a “check” on them just to confirm they are who they say and that they are safe. I got a call to show a farm from a man from out of town we didn’t know. The man’s name was Dustin XXXXXX. My coworker knew the town he was from and called a guy to confirm his identity. He came back in and told me his buddy knew Justin XXXXXX and he was safe. I told him that was all well and good but I was showing Dustin, not Justin. He said “Oh, we don’t know a Dustin, but Justin is a great guy.” Well... There’s that.

I was going to run up and take pictures on that 79 acres I listed in Dalton but was worried because it’s opening day of deer season. Mike said not to worry. It’s not supposed to be hunted on. Then he gave me his big brown fur lined coat and his fur cap to wear because it’s so cold out. Look at him, always thinking of me...

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