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Just Jana

Putting on a dress yesterday and realized I couldn’t get it zipped. Had to call Mike to come in from the woods to help me. I may rethink my choice to do that next time. ME: I need you to zip me up. MIKE: This is never going to zip. ME: Yes it will, it’s stretchy material. MIKE: I don’t think so, do you have another dress? ME: JUST ZIP ME! MIKE: Fine, I’ll zip it. Or I’ll try. WOW! It works! It just zips everything up in there and holds it in place. It’s like that commercial where that woman tries on those miracle pants that holds it all in. Is this dress like those pants? That looks good. Do they make camo material like that? ME: Shoot. Me. Now.

I ran into a local store yesterday for a sandwich. As I was entering the building, an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair, said “Good Morning Jana”. I returned his greeting, the whole time wondering if he knew me or just read my nametag. On the way out he said “You have a good day... and try to behave.” So... He does know me...


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