Just Jana

Last night when I got home, I asked Mike “So, tell me about your day.” He gave me a strange look and said, “Why?” I said, “Isn’t that what normal people ask at the end of the day?” He turned to walk off and said, “Well, stop it. You’re freaking me out.” You are all witnesses, normalcy was rejected. I showed a home to a woman who was in the market to buy. The owner lives out of town so I texted him after to give him an update on how it went. I texted “She really liked the home. If we can get her approved, she will make an offer.” He texted back “How did she look?” I’m thinking he was talking about the house since he had not been in it in a while. Men call their vehicles girls so maybe they call their homes girls too. Jokingly I texted back

“The house or the woman?” Without hesitation he said “The woman?” Ummm... How do I respond to this? I texted “I don’t know, maybe an 8?” A few seconds later my phone rang. It was the owner. He said, “I meant, how did she look finance wise. Can she get a loan?” Ahhhhh... Makes sense now. Awkward.


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