It’s time for Northeast Arkansas to stand
It’s time for Northeast Arkansas to stand

It’s time for Northeast Arkansas to stand up and be counted

The clock is ticking on the 2020 Census and time is running out. We’re one week out from the September 30 response deadline and communities across Northeast Arkansas are trailing behind.

To make matters worse, just weeks ago Census workers across Arkansas were given notice that their jobs would be ending earlier than expected. Their last day of work is now scheduled for September 26, a week before the final Census deadline.

What does that mean for Arkansas residents? In addition to a potentially inaccurate count, it means millions of dollars of public funding redirected to other communities and states.

The 2020 Census is, without a doubt, the most important count of the decade, not to mention your civic duty. Since 1790, the Census has provided valuable statistics about how the government divides political representation and on the local level, how to budget for important financial aid programs like housing, education, healthcare along with roads and transportation. In 2020, it will also be used to determine vital pandemic economic relief programs.

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