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It’s a mad, mad world ...

In the digital age, state, national and world news and politics are always just a click away, but it was nice over the three-day Memorial Day holiday to have a small break from the barrage of happenings. Back to the real world or maybe we’re all just living in a video game. Depending on your point of view, we’re on the verge of war with Iran, North Korea is up to its usual missile testing, albeit short range ones, which Donald Trump said he wasn’t “personally bothered” by and the 2020 Presidential election, which is well over a year away, is just about decided according to polls. Joe Biden is the new Democratic candidate and replaces Hillary Clinton, the old candidate. Never mind the primaries. The Democratic presidential hopefuls are too numerous to keep up with. Name recognition is a problem, we’re told. Attorney General William Barr has more power than Congress. Now it’s the Iranians who are creating fake American social media accounts to promote their interests. Is foreign influence going to be a regular problem for Americans who live and breathe by social media? It may be time to go back to reading newspapers. At least double and triple check what you read on social media. According to NBC News:



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