Did You Know?

Did You Know?

New federal marijuana decriminalization bill is a good start to a growing decriminalization trene

The war on drugs in America may be beginning to take a different approach: decriminalization. Less than a week ago a key committee in the United States House of Representative has began discussing a new bill that largely decriminalizes (not legalizes) a host of marijuana crimes. At this time the bill removes marijuana from the list of federally prohibited drugs and allows for expungement of lower level marijuana crimes. The bill appears to have bipartisan support, and it looks like it might pass and make its way to the Senate.

But even if it doesn’t pass, it may be a sign of the upcoming decriminalization trend that is sweeping across the world, one that we should keep an open mind to. Decriminalizing small amounts of drugs, among other benefits, will save taxpayer money by reducing incarceration costs and freeing up law enforcement for more important duties. The drugs would remain illegal overall, but the penalties would not be as harsh. Law enforcement and social workers would focus on treatment instead of punishment. Barriers to treatment and rehabilitation would be removed.




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