Circuit Judge Harold Erwin officially retires this week

Circuit Judge Harold Erwin officially retires this week

Circuit Judge Harold Erwin is officially stepping down this week and retiring. He will be replaced by Rob Ratton, also from Newport, beginning January 1, 2021. Judge Erwin will be leaving behind a lasting legacy.

Harold Sloan Erwin was born on August 18, 1945. He grew up in Newport, Arkansas, before attending the University of Arkansas and receiving a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in 1967. After that, he received his law degree in 1974. He began as a sole practitioner in Newport, Arkansas and in 1978, he became a deputy prosecutor for Jackson County. In 1986 he ran for judge, won, and never looked back. He presided over criminal and civil cases and all jury trials for decades, and he was well-respected among other judges for his wisdom and experience. Judge Erwin has been the longest sitting judge in Arkansas for some time now. Everyone in Randolph, Lawrence, Jackson, and Sharp County ever summoned for jury duty got to see Judge Erwin in action.

Judge Erwin’s experience allowed him to make lightning fast, intuitive decisions on objections, motions and other requests. He could cut to the chase and see through an attorney’s games or tactics. He needed little educating on the rules, saving everyone a lot of time and effort.



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