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The Legislature approved a third amendment to place on the 2020 ballot - tougher standards for voter initiatives. For one thing it would require minimum signature requirements thresholds from 45 counties rather than 15. The proposal ends a “cure” period for petition campaigns that initially fall short. The amendment is the result of legislators being unable to undo the will of the people who in the last election passed the minimum wage and granted four counties casinos. Special interests do not want the people involved in writing laws so therefore the way to do that is to make it harder for them to do so. These same people will use their clout and money to make sure the voters are duped on this issue at the ballot box as they will with the other two that have been proposed for the 2020 general election.

Legislators are allowed to refer three issues on the ballot every two years.

The other two are to extend the half cent sales tax increase to pay for highway construction and a term limits amendment that preserves and even in some cases extends how long current legislators may serve.



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