Just Jana

Just Jana

There was an older man in the office. He was talking about what he had for breakfast. Seems every morning he has 3 eggs, bacon or sausage and biscuits. This is served with a glass of V8, a glass of cranberry juice, stewed prunes, several multivitamins, fish oil pills and garlic pills. He said the meat and eggs were his protein, the V8 for all its veggies, cranberry for urinary tract, prunes... well you know, fish oil pills to clear the fat in his arteries and the multivitamins for everything else. I said, “Wait, what are the garlic pills for?” He calmly said, “Vampires.” I like a well rounded man.

When will it end?

Donald Trump refuses to concede the Presidential Election to former Vice-President Joe Biden, even tweeting that he (Trump) actually won the election. True to form, he apparently thinks if he says that enough, people will believe it.


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