The Maynard Gang

One of the corollary benefits of writing my redneck nostalgia and humor column is the contacts occasioned by readers’ reactions. Three have occurred recently. My cousin Tim Johnson of Arvada,

Just Jana

hat awkward moment when you don’t know if the person you see is going for a hug or a handshake and you poke your hand in their stomach when they

The Maynard Gang

Calling back childhood memories has made me realize that a second column is required to adequately address the subject. In some instances I will draw upon my parents’ memories as

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After he signed legislation to keep the government open last Friday, Donald Trump called a national emergency to get funding for his border wall that Congress had refused to appropriate.

The Maynard Gang

With no compelling subject coming to mind, this week’s column will fall back on memories. Those from early childhood are incomprehensible to younger readers. Truly, they depict a Randolph County


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