Just Jana

Just Jana

Mike went on a “walk about”. When he got back I noticed mud on the bathroom rug. Closer to bedtime, he went in to shower. I told him on his way in to watch it because I apparently got the rug muddy and I would turn it over but I got the other side muddy yesterday. He stuck his head back in the bedroom and said “You are really bad about that. It’s ok, if you leave it long enough, my wife will clean it up.” I saluted him at this point. Well, there was a hand gesture, anyway.

Take precautions seriously

Please take all recommended precautions. If not concerned for your own safety, be concerned that you could spread it. Urge your family, friends and neighbors to stay safe too. Washing your hands with soap frequently is recommended by many sources.

Did You Know? Bad tenants? No, you can’t just kick them out

Did You Know?

There seems to be a common problem in landlord-tenant situations around Randolph County and the surrounding counties: Landlords are illegally using “self-help” when dealing with tenants. In other words, they’re removing the tenants in a manner that violates the law.


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