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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

I've heard of lot of concerns about re-opening businesses, churches, and other public places due to the virus. One of those concerns is the potential for lawsuits for negligently transmitting the virus to others. I am confident that if anyone brings such a lawsuit for money damages, it is all but guaranteed to fail.

Honoring a Civil Rights leader ...

Former President Barack Obama eulogized U.S. Rep. John Lewis in a moving and memorable speech at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on Thursday. Other former Presidents who attended were George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Jimmy Carter, 95, was too frail to attend, but sent a tribute that was also read from the podium.

Defending our Democracy ...

During the years I have enjoyed the privilege and felt the responsibility of teaching college students a course on the Holocaust, one of the learning outcomes that shaped the content of the course was to help students understand this truth: democratic institutions are not indestructible; they must be protected, nurtured, guarded. This reality was among many learning objectives stressed by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to those of us community college instructors participating in a summer fellowship there. Another guiding Holocaust principle we learned was this dire warning from German theologian, Pastor Martin Niemöller. It begins this way:

Did You Know? There is a reason criminal defense attorneys knowingly defend guilty clients

Did You Know? There is a reason criminal defense attorneys knowingly defend guilty clients

Every great once in a while I get asked: “How do you defend guilty clients if you know they’re guilty?” My response? Without hesitation. Criminal defense attorneys are the core guardians of our constitution. Almost everything in the Bill of Rights applies when someone is charged with a crime. And the Constitution protects everyone, including guilty criminals. If you think about it—our Consitution itself was written by British “criminals.”


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