Just Jana

Mike came in, changed the TV to hunting shows and left. Is this a form of marking his territory or a subtle type of brainwashing? That man is diabolical. Last night Mike came in from working on the pond and said, “I was attacked!” I’m thinking,

“Well, he’s still walking so it wasn’t too bad. Wasps?” He said, “I was attacked by 2 dead deer.” After some more specifics and much laughter, I got the whole story. Seems he put the roll bar on the tractor since he was working on a slope. When he decided to quit for the night he forgot the tractor with roll bar doesn’t fit through the barn door opening.

Said he heard a loud crash and things started hitting him. He was stabbed in the head, back and arm by deer antlers falling off the barn wall. I’m glad he’s OK but that would have been such a cool story to explain to the paramedics when they showed up to a man with antlers sticking out all over like a porcupine. Several years ago a friend/client of mine gave me their phone to delete all his messages, voicemails, etc. because he didn’t know how. While the phone was in my custody, I changed my name in his contact info from, “Jana” to “Jana Hot Mama” as a joke and didn’t say anything. He never changed it back and it’s been a funny joke all these years with he, his wife and myself. Yesterday I ran into a man that had called my phone several months ago to get Mike’s number for an electrical emergency. He said he wanted to show me something. He went to my contact in his phone and it read “Jana Hot Mama.” Seems he had called my client for my number and when my client “shared” my contact info, that’s how it came through. Nice! It’s like the joke that keeps on giving



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