The Maynard Gang

Since I have written extensively about the Fourche River Valley families in the stretch between the Wilson Hole and the Decker bridge on Highway 328, I will detour and offer some remembrances of the Mud Creek - Palestine families. Given that I am related to them all, I shall edit as I go along in telling some of the more colorful anecdotes.

Always having assumed that the “founding families” of Palestine were, like most upland south pioneers, either Scotch-Irish or English, I was astounded that family researchers have determined that the Shavers, Mocks and Waddles all came from Germany. The Shavers came from the German Rhineland to New York in 1709. German Lutherans, the Mocks came to Savannah, Georgia on the ship Antelope in 1751. The Waddles originated in Saxony, Germany and were in Virginia before the American Revolution.


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