Life is a Journey

So last Saturday Cubert took me for my birthday present - late - because this is when it all takes place - a little trip down to Holly Springs, Mississippi to enjoy the 80th annual Tour of Homes. It also included a tour of the quarters were former slaves once lived. It was called “Behind the Big House.”

It was just amazing and the people who presented the program work in a Preservation Project. There were many demonstrations - laundress, soap making - brick making. Also there was Michael W. Twitty author of “The Cooking Gene,” which I can hardly put down and can’t wait to turn the page. Though it isn’t as much a cookbook as it is about the history of a people, there are recipes and Michael can and does cook, can he ever cook, over an open fire even, with smoke curling up into the blue sky, the scent of racks of ribs wafting on the gentle breezes teasing at your stomach. His dress is such as would have been common back then, roughly woven cotton britches and shirt. Yes, a whole lot of living and work goes on out behind the big house.


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