Clarification, improvements sought by those affected by PO incident

POCAHONTAS—Some local citizens, including those directly affected by the recent chemical scare incident at the Pocahontas Post Office on Jan. 11, are demanding improvements from local first responders for the way the decontamination process was handled.

As reported last week, several citizens and employees from the Pocahontas USPS met with local first responders last Tuesday night, Jan. 29, at City Hall to express their discontent regarding the decontamination process, which involved the 18 people exposed, to what ultimately proved to be dog repellant, to be decontaminated in a manner they noted was not necessary. The decontamination process entailed each person exposed being sprayed down with a fire hose after completely disrobing while first responders, most of whom were men, held up tarps on each side. While 17 USPS employees were initially believed to have been exposed, a postal worker who was onsite earlier that morning but went out on route was called back as a precautionary measure.

Pocahontas USPS employee, Michelle Presley, said that after everyone was evacuated, about three of the employees were coughing but no one was having breathing problems or serious respiratory issues. She said the workers remained outside for around an hour and 45 minutes without coats.

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