104th Birthday Celebration

104th Birthday Celebration

Marie Lindsey of Randolph Co. Home recently celebrated her 104th Birthday on October 1st. She has lived through the Spanish flu, the great depression, first man on the moon, 19th amendment give women right to vote, first air flights, SEVERAL war world wars, Alaska and Hawaii becoming a state, atomic bomb, Fair Labors Act passed (setting the minimum wage to 25 cents an hour), 26 Presidential elections, Multiple bouts of pneumonia and even COVID-19. To say she is one tough lady would be an nderstatement. She is spunky, witty and an anchor for our family. Several of her family members were outside the window. Thanks to all the staff for making her day enjoyable. She has three sons, one daughter, and two step sons. Jerry (Betty Lindsey and Richard Lindsey of Pocahontas Charles Lindsey of Ashdown, Donna Lindsey Higgins of Cabot, and the late Doyle Lindsey and Bill Lindsey. Several grandchildren, great and great great grandchildren.


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